Our Story

Proximitii is an all-in-one local lifestyle data and mapping platform for real estate and rental professionals. There are three words that you often hear while searching for a new place to live - location, location, location. This is still a common mantra, yet finding all the most important location-centric data in one place can be difficult. In most cases, home buyers and renters resort to visiting multiple sites to find the data they're looking for. Proximitii solves that problem by featuring all the most important local lifestyle data like: schools, parks, transit stops, restaurants, coffee shops, entertainment, shops and grocery stores on a map that can easily be embedded onto any site.
Our mission is to empower real estate and rental professionals with easy to integrate local lifestyle data and mapping solutions.

Although Proximitii is a relatively new concept, our story actually begins more than 20 years ago. Through various startups, the focus was always on providing relevant, easy to analyze data that could help consumers make more informed decicions. The "aha" moment with Proximitii came when we realized how useful this data could be to the home buying and renting process if it was offered as an all-in-one solution. Proximitii was born with the simple goal of providing location-centric lifestyle data along with a embedded mapping solution.

Local lifestyle data and maps designed
specifically for your consumers


Lifestyle data for virtually every address in the USA & Canada


Millions of data points covering all the most important lifestyle data


Schools, parks, grocery stores, shops, public transit and more


Each location includes a score for each category and an overall score


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