Data that helps consumers
make more informed decisions

The local lifestyle widget helps keep your visitors engaged and on your site, which decreases bounce rates, increases conversion rates and improves lead quality.

Detailed information and scores on nearby points of interest - including schools, restaurants, parks, public transit, grocery stores and more. These local insights help home buyers and renters make more informed decisions.

Local lifestyle categories:

Help your visitors discover what's nearby so they can decide where to live

Jumpstart the decision making process by showcasing all the most important points of interest surrounding any address in the US and Canada. Each category also features a score out of 10, which allows your audience to quickly and easily contextualize the data.

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Fully customizable, turnkey solutions that
install with only a few lines of code

12 Fully Customizable

With 12 fully customizable categories and an overall score out of 100, you'll have full control over what your consumers see or don't see on the widget.

Less Bounce, More

Showcase local lifestyle data directly on your site, so your visitors won't have to visit other sites to get the data. This means more conversions for you.

Built-In Mapping

No need to pay for all those additional mapping fees. The local lifestyle widget includes its own built-in map, saving you additional mapping costs.

Add valuable content to your property pages

Truly engage your users and build a better experience with Proximitii. Targeted and relevant local lifestyle data for each of your listings increases audience engagement, decreases bounce rates and drives conversions.

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